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The following layouts have been described by the authors themselves: the Guild would like to thank all for their efforts in preparing and presenting the materials, all of which include videos, and in being prepared to share their wonderful efforts, and in sharing and explaining the secrets of their modelling techniques. Two of these are located in Australia.

An inspiration to all.

If you see that a video shows as “Video unavailable”, refresh the page in your browser and the video should then appear.

Bucks Hill

Kevin Wilson

When Bucks Hill was conceived it was decided that it would be a “roundy roundy” and preferably based on a real place. The main criteria for the location was that it should be have a twin track main line, predominately GWR and preferably with a branch line.

Eventually, Pontrilas in the Welsh marches was deemed the best option, as it was GWR with LMS running rights, the junction for the Golden Valley line and had attractive buildings. The build took many years and is now complete - well as far as a layout is ever complete!

View photos, video, and read more about 'Bucks Hill'

Hayling Island

Richard Barton

Richard presents this programme about the Hayling Island branch. Compact, and beautifully observed, it is set in the LBSC period, and the late 19th Century.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Hayling Island'


Ray Bounsell

Videoed by Phil Harding, Ray Bounsell introduces you to his wonderful slice of North Somerset, located 'Down Under'. The layout is set in a wide time period - anywhere from the late 1940's to the early 1960's - and is notable for its excellent structure modelling, which is a passion of Ray's.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Woodleigh-sub-Mendip'

Dave Lowery's 'Train Set'

Dave Lowery

Dave's railway has no name, hence the title, although it is hardly a 'train set'! The programme features Dave talking to Julian Best about his Ultra Modern Image layout.

View photos, video, and read more about Dave Lowery's 'Train Set'

Neu Deting and Patzing

Richard Spoors

A look at a layout based on German railways during “Epoch 2” in the 1930's. Originally built by a modeller in Germany, it was brought to the UK, re-homed and expanded by its current owner.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Neu Deting and Patzing'

Priory Yard

Malcolm Goodger

This is Malcolm's third layout to carry the name of Priory. Priory Hill and Priory Lane were both N gauge. Priory Yard is his first O gauge layout.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Priory Yard'

Melbourne Street Brewery

Peter Reynolds

Melbourne Street Brewery is situated in Newcastle. It was in reality the site only of maltings, and now converted to very desirable apartments. But enough of what is real; the small layout (55“ x 18”), was acquired from Jim Read in 2019, converted to practice certain modelling techniques, and to use surplus stock. It is now DCC controlled throughout, using JMRI PanelPro plus a touchscreen to control the points, and the Android 'Engine Driver' app to control the locomotives.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Melbourne Street Brewery'


Hessle MRC

The Garve and Ullapool Railway was a proposed line which would have branched off the Kyle line at Garve, and it actually received approval from Parliament in 1890. Although the line was never built, it has been imagined that it was, and an extension was granted later for the line to continue on through Morefield, and onto the Rhue Peninsula. A moderately-sized harbour was built for the transhipment of passengers, and goods, to The Summer Isles, and the Harris Isles. The small town of Invermire grew up around the harbour, and our interpretation of “what might have been” is the basis of the layout.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Invermire'

Kirkby Bank

Phil Garner

Phil is a popular, regular contributor to the Gauge O Guild YouTube channel, where his videos chronicle all aspects of the building of his layout, Kirkby Bank. From the construction of the layout's home, to fitting and controlling servos, and everything in between (and occasionally running trains!), there is much on view to assist and inspire.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Kirkby Bank'

A Layout with 'No Name'

Pete Besant

Pete, as many of you know, is proprietor of PRMRP Models, and has featured in previous virtual shows in conversation from a trader's perspective. For this year's show, he talks about his own railway, as yet unnamed, in conversation with Julian Best.

View photos, video, and read more about 'The Layout with No Name...Yet'


Chris Walsh

Thurlby appeared in the August 2014 issue of the Gauge O Guild Gazette, and, although the railway was already built when Chris became involved in the operating of it, he did take part in its conversion to DCC. The layout, sadly, was dismantled in 2016 following the death of John Bryce, so we must be ever grateful for Chris's video record, which has never been shown before.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Thurlby'

Lapping Works

Matt Stevens

Lapping Works won the small layout competition at Guildex 2023; it was hard enough to pick just one winner from the entries, to be honest. So, if you missed seeing it at the show, here is a video from Matt explaining the layout's back-story, and how its construction came about.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Lapping Works'

The Melton Garden Railway

Phil Harding

Another railway from Australia, and another railway that, sadly, is no longer in existence. The video is of the final run of the railway, prior to dismantling due to a house move. Track is a mixture of S7 and 'finescale'.

View photos, video, and read more about 'The Melton Garden Railway'

Heaton Lodge Junction

Simon George

Earlier this year, in April, Gauge O Guild members were invited to attend an exclusive viewing of Heaton Lodge Junction. Phil Garner was amongst the group attending, and shot the video. Also included is a link to the 'Evening with Simon' programme, where he describes how he was inspired to create this huge undertaking (this link is also available via the 'Demonstrations' show page).

View photos, video, and read more about 'Heaton Lodge Junction'


East Surrey MRC

Smithfield is a dense urban terminus based loosely on the classic 00-gauge Minories design from 1957 by Cyril Freezer (former editor of Railway Modeller). Added to this design is some extra goods activity to provide operating interest and a use for many different types of rolling stock.

View photos, video, and read more about 'Smithfield'


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