Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions relating to the Guild Web site operation and other related Guild matters.

1 Having logged in as a member on the web site I am asked to log in again when trying to view a members only page, why?
The web site uses cookies to remember that you have logged in, these can be in conflict with cookies used by other unrelated web sites. The solution is to clear out all your browser files including cookies and start again.

2 I expected a confirmation of an online request eg password request / change, show ticket or guild video request but I did not get it, how could this happen?
All confirmations of password requests / changes, show tickets or guild video requests are sent automatically from
This is a machine source and many internet servers are set to reject such e-mails as potential SPAM. We have registered as a valid source
In some cases a member may have an invalid or out of date e-mail address in their membership records. Some e-mail servers send machine sourced e-mails to a SPAM folder so it is worth checking your SPAM folder on your web mail service.

3 Why does my web browser fail to display some of the Guild web pages? It is not practical for the volunteer web team to test all pages and all updates using all browsers. The solution is to download GOOGLE Chrome which is free.

4 When I enter an item for the news or diary why does it not immediately display on the home page?
It is necessary for the Webmaster to check that all the fields have been correctly entered and that there are no malicious entries.

5 When I enter an item for the sales and wants why does it not immediately display on the sales and wants page?
It is necessary for the Webmaster to check that all the fields have been correctly entered, there are no malicious entries or a trader using the system for free adverts.

6 My membership details are held in your database, how secure is this information?
Passwords are encrypted so only a member can log in. Some details eg addresses are available to nominated members of the Guild board. Full details are only available to those responsible for maintaining the membership records and the members of the web team who manage the membership system.

7 Bookmarks (or favourites) and the new home for the website. We have received a report that some members have experienced problems with changing bookmarks to reflect the updated domain name.
The current domain name is (with a letter ‘o’) or to give its full version
The former domain name (with a zero) is still operational although there were a few days at the time of the changeover when it failed.
Rather than change a bookmark it is easier to delete it and then add a new one after accessing the site. A detailed description of how to delete bookmarks can be found at

If you have any further questions then please contact the webmaster using the contact link in the footer.