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Renny Lord

Join Renny Lord, who is part of a team of modellers who have been building a model of Selby, including a working example of the famous swing bridge.

Renny will take us through all the details of the build.

The event is live via Zoom on Wednesday 26th June @ 20:00 BST.

You must register for this event as places are limited. The event is FREE to members or £3:00 for non-members.

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You can download a guide which describes how to prepare and join the "An Evening with..." events.

Previous Events
Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds took us through the set-up of Cobalt Digital point motors, selecting servos types (analogue vs digital) according to the application and the availability of commercial servo controllers.

Peter also looked at the MERG CBUS solution, with a little bit of assistance from Clive Heathcote, using a module he makes to provide the direct DCC connection, as well as an inexpensive, home-made solution, especially when compared to the commercial offerings.

The event was live via Zoom on Sunday 26th May @ 20:00 BST.

Members can view a recording of the event.

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Rob Pulham

Rob Pulham talked about using lathes and other machine tools to improve kits or replace parts.

The event was live via Zoom on Friday 26th April @ 20:00 BST.

Duration 1:27:31
Will Heath

Will Heath showed us how to make buildings with card materials.

The event was live via Zoom on Tuseday 26th March @ 20:00 GMT.

Duration 1:36:26
Nick Dunhill

Nick Dunhill showed us how to cut sheet metal materials making sure that cuts are straight. Plus lots more including cutting circles and soldering items to ensure they are square.

The event was live via Zoom on Monday 26th February @ 20:00 GMT

Duration 1:30:46
Neil Armitage

Neil Armitage of Ellis Clark Trains took us through weathering techniques, using the new Ellis Clark Black 5 locomotive as his subject.

The event was live via Zoom on Thursday 25th January @ 20:00 GMT.

Duration 1:13:49
Iain Young

Iain Young discussed how to produce lost wax castings in brass and nickel silver for the kits he produces and for other kit producers.

Although seen as a black art Iain dispelled this myth and showed that, with care, consistent and accurate results can be produced.

A preview video is also available where Iain demonstrates the processes involved.

The event was live via Zoom on Sunday 26th November @ 20:00 GMT.

Preview video - duration 0:23:05
Evening with video - duration 2:01:08
Jakub Stachula

Jakub took us through the steps to build and finish a simple station shelter from modular laser cut parts.

Along the way Jakub showed part finished models for each stage in the build, which will hopefully help to reduce any problems you might encounter with laser cut kits.

The event was live via Zoom on Thursday 26th October @ 20:00 BST.

Duration 1:24:03
Neil Armitage

Neil Armitage of Ellis Clark Trains provided a step by step guide to weathering ready to run O gauge rolling stock. Neil's hints and top tips are down to earth, cost effective options for the novice and experienced modeller alike to turn an 'out of the box' loco into a realistic model.

The event was live via Zoom on Tuesday 26th September @ 20:00 BST.

Duration 1:18:04
Rob Anderson

Join Rob Anderson from Northumbrian Painting Services for an evening of figure painting. Rob Anderson will share his tips and techniques for painting figures in O gauge.

The event was live via Zoom on Saturday 26th August @ 20:00 BST.

Duration 1:38:53
John Gay

Spend an evening with John Gay of Digitrains Ltd where he discussed the installation of a DCC decoder to an O Gauge locomotive and took a range of questions.

The event was live via Zoom on Wednesday 26th July @ 20:00 BST.

Duration 1:26:17

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