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Garth Patrick GP Models) now sold by MBS
Eric Underhill 
Malcolm CrawleyGNR J3/4 kit (originally London Road Models 4mm)
George NortonConnoisseur ModelsMidland Railway 3130 class Sold under Fourtrack Models. Claymore Models sold by Connoisseur Models
John ShelleyFourtrack ModelsFourtrack Models but not all
Steve BarnfieldGladiatorB16/1, D17/1, BTP0-4-4 Tank, LNER G6 all now sold by Gladiator
Andy Copp Lochgorm KitsLochgorm Kits, 62C, North British Kits
George Dawson Majestic ModelsSome Majestic Models also Claymore Kits
Arun SharmaRadley ModelsRadley Models 7mm Road vehicles, Tram and rolling stock Kits, but not District Railway Loco ID no. 14939
Jim HarrisScorpio ModelsFlatpack Kits, Acorn Kits, GE Models, DA Models, Oakville, Scorpio but not all
Dave EnnisScorpio ModelsScorpio Kits but not all (including the Great Bear Kit)
Jim SnowdonSnowhill ModelsSnowhill Models [WD 2-8-0 and 2-10-0]

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