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The majority of the work necessary to run the Guild is undertaken by volunteers. There is an enormous amount to be done, from the running of the shows, production of the Gazette and manual, as well as the necessary administration needed in an organisation of over 5,500 members.

The jobs listed here are just some of those for which we currently need volunteers. If you feel you have the necessary capability and are willing to give time to assist the Guild, we would be most grateful. Contact points for each job are given in the listings.

If you would like to help the Guild in any other capacity not listed here, please contact the Guild Secretary

Forum Moderators

If you enjoy the opportunity to discuss news, views, and modelling, give a thought to the moderation effort behind the scenes that helps keep it on an even keel. Please consider joining our team, you will be given guidance, training, and get to know, and be known, by your fellow members. Many hands make light work so having volunteers join our team would be much appreciated.

If you are interested please contact me at forummanager@gaugeoguild.com

Thank you,

Forum Manager, creator of 'Kew Green', celebrating room sized layouts with tighter curves!

Constituency Representatives

We currently require a new representative for:-

  • Area 2 (North West, postcodes BB BL CA FY LA M OL PR SK WN)
  • Area 4 (Merseyside, postcodes BT CH CW IM L LL ST SY TF WA)

If you feel you could help your fellow members by representing them at Representatives meetings and at events around the area then please get in touch with the Guild Secretary. The work of a constituency representative is interesting and rewarding, involving meeting members in local groups, at exhibitions and at Representatives meetings each year.

A Constituency Representative should normally be resident within the area but a member living conveniently close in an adjacent area and prepared to travel may also be suitable.

Guild Archivist Role

The main function of the Guild’s Archivist is to keep the records required either by law or of historical interest. Currently a central store is provided by the Guild for such documents and artefacts. Storage is not in a fixed location and can be located to the convenience of the incumbent. It requires the storage and location of documents in a secure environment so that if they are required they can be found easily.
Some documents are records of the Secretary and Treasurer and these are required to be kept for a period of 10 years after which they are reduced either for historical interest or discarded by shredding. Sorting of other items given to the Archivist may be required to assess their relevance of being archived.
Some storage is also provided for items like the unused awards for the modelling competitions due to lack of entries in any year. The work is not time consuming and visits to the storage facility is usually by the Secretary or Treasurer when access is required. The role requires a methodical person and help is always available through the Guild Secretary.

If you are interested in taking on this role on behalf of the Guild please contact the Secretary at Guild Secretary for further information.

Press & Publicity Officer

In the last edition of Guild News, we requested help with publicising events and other Guild News on social media and with national railway magazines. I am delighted to report that:
Rob Pulham will be handling our publicity on RM Web and Western Thunder and Stephen Wolstenholme will be handing our publicity on social media. We are discussing the national model railway magazine part of the role with another member and will keep members informed about who is helping with this. Charles Oldroyd and Jackie Kneeshaw are extremely grateful to our new volunteers for helping with this work.

Volunteers to help with Event Logistics

Prior to an event, the logistics team collect all the necessary power cables, tablecloths, hi-vis vests, pop up banners, barriers and other equipment from the Warley Club rooms. The equipment has to be brought down from the storage shelves, checked and appropriate quantities loaded into a van which some members of the team drive to the venue.

After the show the reverse happens and it all has to be unloaded and stored away again.

The core team cover the requirements usually and then at the show they either morph into running the Loco Clinic and DCC Advice Centre or help with stewarding but, finding people who are available to help with the loading and unloading is becoming more and more difficult.

The vans are loaded on the Thursday before a show and then unloaded Saturday night after Kettering, Sunday morning after Doncaster and Monday morning after Guildex.

We also require someone with an electrical background to help with checking the electrical cables before an event and selecting the appropriate lengths for the venue.

If you happen to live in the Warley / Birmingham area and could help occasionally, please contact our Head of Logistics, Nigel Smith via Logistics Manager

Please contact Jackie Kneeshaw to find out more about what she currently does via Events Chairman
Please contact Charles Oldroyd to register any interest in volunteering via Publications Chairman

Demonstrators at Guildex
Demonstrators at Guildex

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