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Website and Forum Problems

Apologies for the recent poor performance of the website and forum. The hosting company advised us that the server on which our site runs has become unstable over time, and that we should move to a new server.

This process involves copying the site, after which the IT team will spend some time testing. If it tests ok, we will then switch to the new server and turn off the old one. It appears that the process, by the hosting company, of copying data to the new server has materially affected the current site but we hope to start testing the new server later this week.

Please bear with us over this difficult period. Until we start testing, we cannot give you a date when the new server will go live.

We'll be as quick as we can.

Guild Web Team

Introduction of 'Rolling' Membership
Please note – these changes only apply to new members who join from now on and will be retrospectively applied to those who have joined since March 1st 2021.
Existing members who joined before February 28th 2021 are unaffected. Their subscription renewal will continue to be on March 1st

With immediate effect, all members who join the Guild will become members for a full 12 months.

Their membership renewal will fall on the 1st of the month after the anniversary of the date they joined. They will receive a reminder email or letter as appropriate one month before the renewal date.

All new members who joined from 1st March 2021 onwards will renew on the basis described above giving them a full 12 months membership for their initial subscription. We will be contacting them directly to explain the change.

This change has been made to eliminate the reducing value for money for new members who join during the membership year.

Our thanks to Nigel Nelson who has done the necessary IT work to make this change.

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