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There are almost 400 videos (nearly 4TB) on the YouTube channel, covering modelling techniques, soldering, constructional series, layouts from all over the world, demonstrations, product announcements, and other subjects of a general railway interest. There are also video instructions on how to transfer video content for inclusion.


Apart from specific reasons to visit the site, say for the construction of a particular locomotive that there may be a series about, there is plenty of subject matter to keep the viewer entertained, or to seek advice/instruction on a number of subjects; whether that is to catch up on a previous An Evening with… session that you may have missed, or to see layouts in all shapes and sizes, or how to use a resistance soldering unit, you should find something that appeals, and if there isn’t, please let me know so that we can try to rectify the situation. There are programmes on electronics, 3D Printing, track construction, stock construction and finishing, and all the programmes from previous Virtual Shows are still available.

The content list is available at The Gauge O Guild - YouTube channel and certain videos are also available directly via the Gauge O Guild Knowledge Base and the main Gauge O Guild website. Work is underway to catalogue all the YouTube videos to make them all directly accessible from the Gauge O Guild website, but is not going to be a particularly quick task – sorry about that. I have also made a number of the other video library programmes, previously available on DVD, accessible via YouTube, so that they can be watched on a normal television, by request. Please ask if you would like a particular programme in this format.


If you take time to subscribe to the channel, you will automatically be informed when something new is posted. In that way, it will not be necessary to search on the ‘off chance’.

Submitting Videos

Submitting video for inclusion is not difficult; a guide is available to give assistance to someone making a video as a beginner, and it is not necessary to have professional equipment to make something satisfying. Most modern mobile phone cameras are more than adequate, although you may need to practice a little bit in advance. If you wish to edit your own material without incurring expense, that is fine – there are plenty of free content editors available. However, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of doing that, Ian Allen, and I, have access to professional grade video editing software (PowerDirector 365) so we can do any necessary work for you. We can also record sound tracks, voiceovers from a script, and generally polish things up, as necessary. There are video instructions on the channel on how to send content for inclusion using Google Drive and MS OneDrive, but if you are already familiar with another method of data transfer, feel free to use that instead.

Videos range in duration from a few minutes to two hours, or more. So, if you have an idea for producing something, we will provide as much support and advice as we possibly can to help you achieve your goal. If you have any questions, please ask and we will do our best to answer them for you. In addition, subjects do not necessarily need to be confined to railway modelling; anything of a general railway interest that you feel might appeal to subscribers is more than acceptable. If you have a layout at home, that you would like to be filmed, it may be possible for Ian, and I, to make a ‘house call’ – we have done it before, so if you would like a layout to be filmed for inclusion in a Virtual Show, or to feature in ‘Gazette Extra’, please make contact, and we will see what we can do.

Peter Reynolds
YouTube / Video Library Administrator

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