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The Guild Events Committee organises four major shows during the year.

At each of these shows the Guild provides a stand where members may bring their models and other Gauge O items and modelling equipment to put on sale at a price determined by the seller. Everybody is welcome to buy; and the Bring & Buy stand offers a means of transferring Gauge O items from those who have (and no longer need) to those who want.

As the price is set by the seller, sometimes there may be a real bargain, whilst at other times potential buyers feel they need to look elsewhere. Items on sale will vary from a pair of coupling rods, a box of bits, wagons, coaches, engines that just about work to those superb models that are so good that you feel that if you have to ask the price you cannot afford it!!

To cover the costs of this service the seller pays a display fee of £1 per item for those priced at £20 and over; and 10% commission is deducted if the item is sold. Any unsold items are returned to the seller at the end of the day.

How does the Bring & Buy work?

Selling: is restricted to members of the Gauge O Guild and you will be asked to show your membership card. However anybody can buy.

Booking-in: Guild Members bring items for sale to the Bring and Buy Stand. There is the inevitable paperwork to enable us to keep track of items that are put up for sale and make appropriate payments at the end of the day. The Bring and Buy form is available from the website and also at the exhibitions and it saves time if this is completed in advance. When booking in each item has a removable tag added and is checked against the form. A £1 display fee is payable at this stage on each item priced at £20 or over and a receipt for the goods is given. There is a limit of 10 items per member.

Saturday mornings at the shows are always extremely busy and to help keep queuing time to a minimum we try and organise a booking in table in the front entrance hall so that booking in can start before the exhibition opens. This table will close shortly after opening time.

Display: Lower value items are displayed on tables at the front, with higher value items displayed on stands in the middle. This is done for security reasons although it does make the models more difficult to see and appreciate. The volunteer stewards will always show you individual models on request and we can arrange for locomotives to be run on the test track which is normally adjacent to the stand.

Buying: Everybody is welcome to buy using cash, card or cheque. Cheques must be supported by a cheque guarantee card or by a Gauge O Guild membership card.

Offers: All items are priced by the seller and we do not accept any offers without the seller’s agreement. The basic rule is that the price that you see is the price that you pay.

Paying out: At the start of the day we concentrate on getting items booked in and selling. As the day progresses we bring our records up-to-date and we are usually in a position to payout from around 1.00pm. Many sellers will want to wait until later in the day, which is fine, but please note that we need to make all payouts and return all unsold items before the exhibition closes which means that cash/items need to be claimed 30 minutes before closing time. When cashing in please produce your receipt. 10% is deducted from all sales made in addition to any display fee already paid. We reserve the right to make the payment, in part or in full, by cheque. The £1 display fee is non-returnable.

I would welcome comments and suggestions, praise or criticism regarding the Bring & Buy so that I can plan for the future. Please send your comments to Nigel Nelson at Orchardleigh, Beech Road, Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey GU16 6LQ or email Bring & Buy Manager

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Bring & Buy

The current Bring & Buy Manager is Nigel Nelson.

It would help the Bring & Buy team if you can complete a form for the items you wish to sell before the show. You can download a form here for use at the Guild shows at Kettering, Doncaster and Stafford.

Bring & Buy form

Click on the above links to open the pdf files in Adobe Acrobat Reader™ where you can print or save the file.

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