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A Short History of the Guild

The Gauge O Guild itself provides members with a quality quarterly magazine, an in-house newsletter, probably the best technical manual on railway modelling that is available, three exhibitions a year and a membership of friendly expertise shared between beginner and expert, young and old.

By 1960 the production of and the market for O gauge was rapidly being lost and there was grave danger of the scale disappearing or at least becoming the preserve of the favoured few. Letters appeared in the model press urging O gauge modellers to get together and form an association to further the cause.

A Mr Loch-Kidston did much writing, but it was left to Harold Bower to arrange an initial meeting, with attendant publicity, to bring together O gauge enthusiasts. The first meeting took place in railway owned offices in Euston Square, London. Around twenty people turned out and the Gauge O Guild came into being in August 1956. Read more about our history

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Management of the Guild

The Gauge O Guild is a company limited by guarantee and has a Management Committee who is legally responsible for the running of the Guild.

There are four Regional Managers and there are 14 area Constituency Representatives including one for overseas members. Their task is to provide a link between local groups and the Guild by offering help and support to encourage these groups to flourish and grow and take part in shaping Guild policy. Read more about the management and their roles

If you want to contact any of the Guild officers you can do so here.

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