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New product entries by Warren Shephard in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Locomotives - steamKits%Great Western  GWR/BR 2251 kit in brass includes working valve gear and a Churchward 3500g tender.
Locomotives - steamKits%Great Western  GWR/BR 4575 class kit. Includes a cast smokebox saddle
Locomotives - steamComponentsSuperstructure componentsGreat Western  Kit to convert the GWR 45xx class into the GWR 4575 class. Includes all parts in brass and whitemetal to complete the conversion
Locomotives - steamComponentsTender componentsGreat Western  GWR Churchward 3500g tender cast footsteps
Locomotives - steamComponentsSuperstructure componentsGreat Western  New smokebox saddle casting for GWR 45xx/4575 class

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