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SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11100Signalman
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11102Signalman leaning
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11104Passenger guard with bag
SceneryFiguresRailway staffBritish Railways 111050AEC railcar driver
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11101Signalman leaning
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11103Signalman mopping brow
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11105Passenger guard with flag
SceneryFiguresRailway staffGreat Western 0910AEC railcar driver
SceneryFiguresGeneral figures% 1670Photographer with Box Brownie
SceneryFiguresGeneral figures% 1671Photographer with Box Brownie
SceneryFiguresGeneral figures% 1672Photographer with Kodak no.2 camera
SceneryFiguresGeneral figures% 1673Photographer with Leica Mk2
SceneryFiguresGeneral figuresBritish Railways 1690BR AEC Railcar passenger pack. Driver and 5 passengers
SceneryFiguresGeneral figuresGreat Western 1690GWR AEC Railcar passenger pack. Driver and 5 passengers
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% 11180Wickham Trolley crew set

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