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Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
Locomotives - steamKits%Great Western GL02AGWR ROD 2-8-0 (Kit also has parts to build the LNER / BR O4 GCR 8K versions)
Locomotives - steamKits%Great Northern Railway GLT18GNR / LNER / BR STIRLING CLASS D TENDER
Locomotives - steamKits%London & North Western GL82LNWR/LMS/BR Webb 17" Coal Engine - Supplied with 1800 gallon tender
Locomotives - steamKits%London Midland & Scottish GL18LMS / BR DE-STREAMLINED DUCHESS 4-6-2. A modified resin firebox for use with the kit is now provided. Kit comes with the de-streamlined tender. The non-streamlined tender (welded or part-rivetted) is available for special order only. Kit is supplied with the parallel and sloping smokebox.