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New product entries by Pre-Grouping Railways (Was Furness Railway Wagon) in the last 3 months. Website: . Email:

Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
WagonsRTR%North Staffordshire FRWC15 North Staffs/LMS 1plk Open Wagon
WagonsKits%Furness FRWC20 Furness/LMS/BR 6-Wheel Plate Wagon
WagonsKits%Port Talbot Railway FRWC29 PTR/GWR/BR 3 plk Open Wagon (Steel Underframe)
WagonsKits%Caledonian FRWC44 CR/LMS/BR 10ton Cattle Van
WagonsKits%Caledonian FRWC47 CR/HR/LMS/BR 10ton 4plk Open Wagon
WagonsKits%Glasgow & South Western FRWC50 GSWR/LMS/BR 10ton Box Van
WagonsKits%Glasgow & South Western FRWC54 GSWR/LMS/BR 10ton Mineral Wagon
WagonsKits%North EasternC1FRWC55 NER/LNER/BR C1 Fish wagon
WagonsKits%Great WesternMica AFRWC86Meat van
WagonsKits%Great WesternY2FRWC85Fruit Van
WagonsKits%North EasternP1FRWC1134 ton Hopper
Locomotives - steamKits%FurnessJ1 2-4-2TFRLC08aSharp Stewart 2-4-2T Furness specification Raised riverts
Locomotives - steamKits%FurnessJ1 2-4-2TFRLC08bSharp Stewart 2-4-2T Furness specification flush riverts
Locomotives - steamKits%Great Western2-4-2TFRLC08cSharp Stewart 2-4-2T Manchester and Milford Rly specification 1898-1919
WagonsRTR%Furness10/12 Ton Brake vanFRWC39 
WagonsRTR%FurnessMedium Cattle vanFRWC40 
WagonsRTR%Furness7Ton 1 plank openFRWC 119RTR