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New product entries by Pre-Grouping Railways (Was Furness Railway Wagon) in the last 3 months.


Railway infrastructureBuildingsKitsGreat Westernn/aPGRB7-06Lamborne Lamp hut
WagonsKitsFurness PGR7-03Furness/LMS/Private Owner 20ton Hopper Wagon
CoachesKitsFurness PGRC7-02 4-Wheel all LUG/3rd
CoachesKitsFurness PGRC7-01 4 Wheel all 3rd
CoachesKitsHighland Railway PGRC7-06All third 4 wheel coach
CoachesKitsCaledonian PGRC7-064 wheel all Third
CoachesKitsNorth Sunderland Light Railway PGRC7-06ex HR 4 wheel all Third
CoachesKitsCaledonian PGRC7-054 wheel 2nd / 3rd Composite coach
CoachesKitsHighland Railway PGRC7-054 wheel 2nd / 3rd Composite coach
CoachesKitsNorth Sunderland Light Railway PGRC7-05ex HR 4 wheel 2nd / 3rd Composite coach
CoachesKitsCaledonian PGRC7-044 wheel 1st / 2nd composite coach
CoachesKitsHighland Railway PGRC7-044 wheel 1st / 2nd composite coach
CoachesKitsNorth Sunderland Light Railway PGRC7-04ex HR 1st / 2nd composite coach
CoachesKitsFurness PGRC7-034 wheel Brake 3rd (Metropolitan)
CoachesKitsNorth British Railway PGRC7-034 wheel Brake 3rd (Metropolitan)
CoachesKitsCambrian PGRC7-01All third 4 wheel coach (Metropolitan)
CoachesKitsCambrian PGRC7-034 wheel Brake 3rd (Metropolitan)
CoachesKitsCambrian PGRC7-02Lug/third 4 wheel coach (Metropolitan)
CoachesKitsLondon & South Western PGRC7-014 wheel all Third
CoachesKitsLondon & North Western PGRC7-01All third 4 wheel coach (Metropolitan)

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