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An Evening With...

26 November 2021

An Evening with...Join Jeff Langham and Peter Reynolds to find out about signalling on the real railway and how to apply it to your model railways.

A convincing model railway, of any size and of any era, just cries out for working signals. This is considerably easier in 7mm scale than in the smaller scales to achieve. Join members of the SR7mm Group who will talk about the planning, and implementation, of convincing signalling in 7mm scale, methods of operation – including an ex-Western Region NX panel – for the 11 colour light, and around 80 working semaphore arms and disc signals on their railway.  

The event is live via Zoom on 26th November 2021 at 20:00 GMT.

You must register for this event as places are limited. The event is FREE to members or £2:00 for non-members.

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