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26 October 2021

Thomas Hoy and Colin French
Thomas Hoy and Colin French

Thomas Hoy and Colin French will be sharing their experience of designing and building small layouts. 

Colin’s layouts range from 25.5 inches long to 4 feet long;  all are pointless. The space that would be taken up by points is used for other features.

Thomas Hoy has a layout 7 feet long designed to entertain him, fit into a space in his bedroom and is easily transportable. Thomas’s layout features a single point, a three way point and a sector plate; a really unusual feature is a DCC operated yard crane. 

Their collective experience and ideas will show that O gauge in a small space really does work.Joining instructions will contain a link to a video to watch before the evening so you can see what they have achieved.

The event is live via Zoom on 26th October 2021 at 20:00 BST.

You must register for this event as places are limited. The event is FREE to members or £2:00 for non-members.

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