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Winchester Continental and American Meet 2021

23 October 2021

The Winchester Continental and American Meet will hopefully be going ahead this year on Saturday October 23rd at Kings School, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 5PN. Opening times 10am to 4pm.

We have several layouts and traders booked and most importantly there will be an all day breakfast available from our catering team. If you haven't been before do come along to the friendly show and see what we have to offer. This year we have a layout depicting a small station in Croatia, a medium sized French country terminus and an American switching yard. We will also be joined by Howard and his team with their vintage coarse scale and the Lionel Collectors Society have a demonstration layout as well.

website: www.winchesterogaugemeet.co.uk

contact: alanmarlow1000@gmail.com

Alan Marlow

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