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Gauge O Guild Annual General Meeting Arrangements (Posted 7th July)

06 July 2020 - 20 July 2020

Annual General Meeting arrangements for 2020.

Guildex 2020 has been cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It will therefore not be possible to hold the 2020 AGM in the normal way.

We do not wish to delay the transaction of some statutory business, the voting on necessary motions, nor the election volunteer members of the Management Committee. Arrangements have therefore been made to hold the Annual General Meeting of the Gauge O Guild Ltd on the 30th August 2020 at 13.00 hours in the following way:

The AGM will take place as per the Notice to Members and will follow the meeting agenda circulated with the August 2020 Guild News. The AGM will be a closed meeting attended by the President, Chairman and Company Secretary. Other members will not be able to attend because of Covid-19 restrictions. All members will receive the Annual Report of the Company which will contain full information on all the resolutions put before them. Members will be able to vote in advance of the meeting on all resolutions on the agenda and on the election of officers. Members will be able to vote either electronically or by using the supplied proxy form (an SAE will be provided). Overseas members will also be able to return their proxy vote by email to the address provided in the documents if they choose not to vote electronically.

The Directors have appointed Nigel Nelson (1299) as the Returning Officers to oversee all voting returns in all formats and to report the results to the AGM Chairman.

Any members holding undirected proxy votes will be contacted after the closing date so they can give the Returning Officer their decision on the proxy votes they hold.

The results of all of the votes cast by members on all resolutions, including the election of officers, will be communicated via the Guild website, an email to members and an announcement in the November Guild News. Arrangements will be made for newly elected officers to take over from retiring officers as soon as possible following the announcement of the results.

No other business can be conducted at the 2020 AGM.

On behalf of the Management Committee                                                                                                                   

Tim Humphreys Interim Guild Chairman

John Kneeshaw Guild President

July 2020

Richard Clark

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