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New product entries by John Day Models in the last 3 months.


SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%%  ex ABS Models range of small secnic items
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.S04Assorted Buckets and Cans
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.S07Conical Fire Extinguishers
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.S08Parallel Sided Fire Extinguishers
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.S092 Gallon Petrol Cans PLAIN
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% S.S40Loco cleaner
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% S.S41Tea Drinker
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% S.S42Shunter with pole
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% S.S43Ganger with Jack Hammer
SceneryFiguresRailway staff% S.S44Ganger with Rail Lifting Screw
SceneryFiguresAnimals% S.S55Woolly Sheep Standing
SceneryFiguresAnimals% S.S56Woolly Sheep Resting
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.G02Advertising Signs – Sheet A
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.G03Advertising Signs – Sheet B
Road VehiclesComponents%% S.G30Vehicle Registration Plates S/S
SceneryScenic components%% S.S96Linesman's Steps for Pole
SceneryScenic components%% S.S97Telegraph Pole, Tapered Wood Rod
SceneryScenic items (excl buildings)%% S.M019Heavy Artillery Shells 13.5”

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