Virtual Show - 5th November 2022
5th November 2022 (LIVE) then recordings of everything will be available until 30th November 2022
Online from the comfort to your own home
Free to members and non members

Like other virtual shows that the Gauge O Guild has organised, we will have layouts that have never been seen before as well as some which may be familiar. You can watch the videos and then speak to the layout owner by Zoom to ask questions.
Demonstrations will include both recorded sessions and live sessions provided by members and our technical committee.
Traders will be advertising, product launches are expected and some traders will be available for Q & A sessions


Layouts Booked
Appleton Junction by Peter Holland
Bridgewater, Cannington and Lilstock Light Railway by Graham Powell
Casterbridge By Paul Brown, filmed by Phil Harding, in Victoria, Australia.
Castlegarry by John Castle an extensive shed based layout
Central Works by the Luton MRC
Canfield, a loft layout by Nigel Seaman
Lejonthal by Konstantin Binder
Moorbrook from the Huddersfield RMS
Oxster from Joseph Booth
Port Joyce by John Margerum
St Stephens from the South Coast MRC
The SR7 Group Railway, an extensive fixed club layout
Plus others
Not required
One armchair and either a laptop, tablet or phone will get you to the right destination

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