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All live zoom sessions will be recorded and the videos will be available a few days after the show finishes.


Welcome to the Main Hall

Follow the links below to access videos and descriptions of layouts, some in the UK and some abroad, and do look at the traders who may have special offers available. Our demos and technical resources can be accessed, as well as a display of models which have been entered into our competition. Information about the Guild can be accessed as can our shop of useful publications and clothing.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Brought to you by our virtual events team.


View the layouts including Leamington Spa, 82G Engine Shed, The Dunwich Tramway and many more.

Go to the layouts »

Recorded Live Sessions

The live zoom sessions have been recorded and are available to view

View the recorded live sessions »


Looking for a particular product or trader? Then have a look at our traders pages with contact details and links.

Go to the traders »

Trader announcements

Some of our traders are announcing new products, and some have taken over products from other traders. Check this link to see what they have on offer.

View the trader announcements »

Modelling competition

See the entries in the modelling competition. These are divided into Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Scenery and Modern Image.

View the models entered into the competition »

Modelling Techniques and Demonstrations

3D printing, DCC, coach building, scratch building, tools etc

Go to the demo videos »

Guild Membership

Discover the benefits of joining the Gauge O Guild and see what we can offer the 7mm scale modeller of any era.

Find out more »

Guild Products

Gazette binders, Books on layouts, aprons, shirts, mugs, and lots of others, see what products the Guild sells.

Guild Products »

We would really appreciate your feedback so leave your comments here please.

Please click here to see how to enable subtitles in YouTube

**Join us for face-to-face shows in 2022**


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