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Product groupProduct CategorySub categoryOriginating CompanyDiagramCatalogue referenceProduct description
CoachesKits%Great WesternC.19 50ft Compartment 3rd
CoachesKits%Great WesternD38 3-Compartment Brake 3rd
CoachesRTR%Great WesternC19 A built-up version of 50ft Compartment 3rd
CoachesRTR%Great WesternD38 3-Compartment Brake 3rd
CoachesKits%Great WesternE48 Etched brass kit for GWR clerestory 56' corridor brake composite.Complete except for wheels and includes working corridor connectors, screw link couplings and Markits sprung buffers.
CoachesKits%Great WesternD37 Etched brass kit for the 50' clerestory suburban 5 compartment brake 3rd.