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Guildex 2020 - latest news

Report from Events Committee concerning actions following cancellation of Guildex 2020. Guildex update 1 July 2020.pdf

Guildex 2020 update

Further discussions with the Telford International Centre about Guildex 2020 have taken place today, and a decision about whether to hold the show is expected next week.

Guildex 2020 update.pdf

VIrtual Modelling Competition

The Virtual Show on 31 October 2020 will include a Virtual Modelling Competition, which will be open to all. Entries will be viewable in a Flickr Album via a link on the Virtual Show Technical Area. Winners will be chosen by public vote, via the number of 'Faves' for each entry.

Virtual show.pdf

Virtual competition.pdf

Doncaster Show update

Latest news of cancelled show for 2020 and new show for 2021

Doncaster show update.pdf

Hollar Model Posters available now for free download

In the 1950s and 1960s some heavy users of rail freight services would stick posters on the sides or doors of vans or containers carrying their products. These were an everyday sight on British Railways in the steam and early diesel periods, and almost every main line and pick-up goods train of the period showed at least one example. 

Hollar Models posters represent the originals as accurately as the imperfect photographic record allows.  Many of them are based on dimensioned sketches done at the time, but others have been produced by eye using photographs. 

The whole 7mm range is available now to be downloaded free of charge from the Gauge O Guild website, for members and non-members. 

Find them on the main website in the dropdown menu under ‘Services’ on the menu bar.

Hollar Model Posters.pdf

Coronavirus and membership renewals

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many shows and meetings to be cancelled, and many members have other priorities. Members who have not renewed this year were asked for their reasons, which are described in this report.

Coronavirus and membership renewals.pdf

Guild Publications Update
  • Small Layouts - sales of Volume 3 skyrocket - Volume 2 reprinted
  • Publications now available for sale on the web site
  • Guild video and slide library updates

See Guild Publications Update 6 June 2020.pdf ​​​​​​​

Bristol Show 2021 cancelled

It is with great sorrow we have to announce that the Bristol O Gauge show 2021 will not be able to go ahead because the venue has become a Nightingale hospital. The UWE admin have cancelled our booking and can not give us a new date. Once the hospital is out, the building will be redesigned for tutors and social distancing, and will not be suitable for shows in the future.

We would like to thank the Guild and all the trade, clubs, societies, our friends and you the visitors for all the support over 30 years from Temple Meads to UWE. We will look for a suitable site but at present there is no other venue of this size available. We will post any news of our search. We may come back smaller. Plus the need for social distancing gives us a challenge. We are leaving our web site active in case people want to use our trade index. This is correct at present and you can go straight through to each web site where applicable. Thank you.

Bob Taylor, Alan Neale and Bob Savage

New Forum Guidance

The Forum Guidance section at the top of the forum now contains:

1) Rules and Guidance in a clearer and more concise format,

2) A guide to our forum Moderation Process,

3) The names of those involved in moderating the forum.

Our aim has been to take on board the advice of the recent appeal panel, and produce Rules, Guidance and Process information that is open, transparent and understandable to all our forum users, and to encourage Guild members to take advantage of its valuable modelling and organisational insights.

Geoffrey Goddin, Forum Manager

Minutes of Management Committee Meetings

The minutes of the Guilds Management Committee meetings held between the 27th April and the 13th May have been added to the members/ minutes section of the web 1st June 2020.

Notes on Searching the Forum

A guide to using the search facility on the Forum, by the Technical Committee.

Notes on Searching on the GOG Forum.pdf

Grievance Report

I am able to announce that the report on the grievance procedure brought by Jim Snowdon about the removal of his forum access has been released today.
I have asked that this report be placed on the Guild website.
The conclusion of the report is that the process by which Mr Snowdon was excluded from the forum did not fully follow the appropriate rules and procedures and so Mr Snowdon’s forum access should be reinstated. I have asked that Jim Snowdon’s access be re-established as soon as possible.
The report of the review will be available to view, but the evidence that was submitted remains confidential, as it should in such processes.

Much earlier this year that I posted that I would assure a fair process and I believe that the grievance was heard in a fair and impartial way.
I must thank the two Vice Presidents for their work in completing review in good time despite not being able to hold any face to face meetings. I must also thank all the members who gave evidence to the reviewers.
Next I must personally apologise to our members that the procedures and policies were not correctly followed.
There will need to be some learning following the issue of this report, but that will be for another day.

John Kneeshaw
Guild President

  GOG Grievance Report 13-05-2020.pdf

Revised nomination submission proces (12th May)

Revised ways of putting a nomination paper to the Secretary for the elections in 2020. 

Nomination proces 2020 Final.pdf

Blank nomination papers are also included in this announcement. 

Con Rep Nomination Form 2020.pdf

M.C. position Nomination Form 2020.pdf

News Alerts Subscription Service Goes Live (11th May)

Never miss another Guild news item!  Our new digital news alert subscription service is now live and can ensure you never miss an important announcement in the future. All you have to do is to subscribe to the free service and you will get an email with a link to the news item. Please note that whilst some news items are publicly visible, others will require member log-in.

To subscribe, go to the Members menu on the website and choose  Update your Details. Then click on the Update My Details button to edit your preferences. Tick the Guild News e-mail notifications check box and ensure that your email address is correct. We have recently had over 400 rejections from the 'Sales and Wanted' email and deleted over 200 non-existent email addresses. Click Update and that's it. You will then receive an email whenever a news item is published to the website.

We hope this will make it easier for interested members to keep track of important developments within the Guild.

Brambleton Model Railway Club, Harpenden
O gauge open day for battery/radio control and live steam operations. If you are new to battery/radio control come along and have a chat & see examples of battery/radio control locomotives, or bring your own stock for a run. Tea/Coffee & bar-b-que (subject to weather) available. (Note that there are now toilet facilities on site).

Other News

Gauge O Guildex Cancellation

Message from the Gauge O Guild Directors

Guildex cancel announcment.pdf

A Gauge O Guild Virtual Show - 31 October 2020

There has been a lot of interest in having a ‘virtual’ O gauge show especially because the Covid-19 restrictions have resulted in many exhibitions being cancelled.

Regardless of whether Guildex 2020 goes ahead or not, the Events Team, together with some of our website IT experts are planning to pilot a virtual exhibition on Saturday 31 October 2020.

This is currently in the planning stages and further information will be available soon. This report describes current plans and gives contacts for further information and expressions of interest in participating..

Virtual show.pdf

virtual competition.pdf