Guildex 2022
Video Recordings

Recordings from the Guildex 2022 exhibition at Stafford. The recording of the AGM is available only to members.

Friday 15:00 YouTube Setup

Start of floor set-up.

Saturday 10:00 YouTube Doors Open

The show opens - with Steve Robinson, Guildex Show Manager.

Saturday 11:00 YouTube False Perspective Modelling

Seminar 1 - false perspective modelling with Robert Brown.

Saturday 12:15 YouTube Small Layout Competition

Small Layout Competition walk-around.

Saturday 14:00 YouTube Practical Soldering

Seminar 2 - Practical Soldering with Rob Bishop.

Saturday 16:00 YouTube Competition Results

Modelling, Small Layout competitions and Bob Alderman Award results and presentation with Nick Dunhill.

Sunday 11:00 YouTube Modelling with DAS Clay

Seminar 3 with David Wright- Modelling with DAS Clay.

Sunday 12:15 YouTube Modelling Display Walkaround

Modelling display walk-around.

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