Bob Alderman Award
Best Use of Technology

The award is made annually for the best use of technology in a modelling project by a member of the Gauge O Guild. The purpose is to encourage and recognise the adoption of new technology in O gauge modelling, where it makes for better modelling, operation, or simply more fun.

Bob was a great one for applying new technology in his modelling, so it seems a fitting way to remember him and his contributions to the Guild.

Open to any Guild member with a suitable project.

What is new technology?

Broadly, any technology which has become widely available in the last 20 years, including improvements in existing technology. Examples include (but aren’t limited to):

  • 3D printing
  • Laser engraving and cutting
  • Electronics – servo/stepper motors, cheap powerful microprocessors, computer and wireless interfaces etc.
  • Computer software/data communications
  • Robotics and AI
  • New alloys or other materials
  • New finishes

Older technologies like photo-etching, metal casting/stamping/machining, plastic or resin moulding, tinplate litho printing won’t count, but can be used in combination with a newer technology. New developments of older technologies will count, so 3D tinplate weightless litho printing would be fine if somebody is doing it. The judges will be generous in interpretation of this.

Judging criteria

1. The technology must be applied to good effect, either:
i. Increasing the realism or quality of the modelling;
ii. Increasing the realism or quality of operation;
iii. Opening new possibilities for reproducing the prototype or its operation on a layout;
iv. Increasing the fun to be had from railway modelling.
2. The project as a whole should be well executed – well built and finished.
3. The results should demonstrably work well.
4. Extra points if it is capable of being applied by averagely competent modellers to further the hobby.
5. Extra points for novelty – has it been done before?


It will be possible to enter online using a link in the Guildex pages in the Events section of the Guild’s website. This link is not yet available but will be in plenty of time. If you'd like to contact the competition manager you can do so by clicking this link: Competition manager

  • Enter a short description of the project, outlining how it meets the judging criteria
  • Provide illustrations or a short video showing the results
  • Entries MUST be submitted in Microsoft Word format and limited to 1000 words.

The award

A trophy will be awarded each year at Guildex (usually in September). The trophy must be returned for the next year’s competition.

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