ET Stock List

Railway company

PLEASE READ the following carefully before proceeding

  • Items will be reserved on a first come, first served basis so contact me by phone or email to check availability. I will hold the item against your name for 5 days for you to send the holding cheque. If I have not received your cheque in that time the item will be offered to any other interested party. Guild members must quote their membership number and non-members must include their name and address in the initial email contact (click for email). My address, as always, is at the foot of the E & T Report in GuildNews.  No cheque – no reserve!! Please give details as to where you wish to inspect your reserved item’.
  • The SCALE column has either an A indicating that the item passes through a Peco crossover without derailing, or it has a figure that is the back-to-back measurement.
  •  A larger picture can be made available on request. However, please bear in mind that we are not experts (especially myself) on all things so it will be up to you to decide if the item you require is exactly what you want. That is why your cheque will not be cashed until you have examined it for yourself.

You MUST endorse the back of the cheque (payable to The Gauge 0 Guild) with the letter AND number reference of the item you are reserving; also your membership number or if not a Guild member, your full name and address. If you are reserving more than one item please add the costs together and issue only ONE cheque.

Because of their delicate nature Buildings and Signals will only be brought to a show in response to a reservation.

Please ensure that you come to the stand before midday on a one day show and before 4pm on the first day of a two day show as after that time the item will be put back on display and may be sold. This may seem a hard decision but we are obliged to do our best for the families on whose behalf we are working.

Please remember that we DO NOT offer Postal delivery to the UK mainland. Collection is now from shows or the Hull store or you can arrange to have a Con. Rep or other member of the management team to bring items to a convenient spot for you to collect.

When you send your request, please tell me from where you wish to collect as this information is noted with the request. Also please do not forget to list your reservations on the reverse of the cheque with your membership number or address if not a member.

Please remember that cheques for reserves must be received by me before or by the Saturday preceding the show at which you wish to inspect the model and also that items will only be held for 14 weeks or until the next show, whichever is the longer.

May 2019